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Monday, March 02, 2009

Back from Bermuda

You lovely Island. What a great time was had there. With only four performances the Tempest was quite a success. Rave reviews and a great group of people to travel and work with.
While we were there we had the opportunity to actually man The Spirit of Bermuda and took her out for a quick day trip from Hamilton to Dockyards. Truly a highlight of our trip.
We also ended the week with a lovely 70 degree day at the beach, and a meal at the Waterlot Inn.
Another highlight was laying down on my bed with the balcony window open and having a pigeon come into my room for a visit.
Big Thank you to all the Bermuda Theatre Festival Chairs, Organizers, Volunteers, Fairmont staff, Huntington Theatre, City Hall crew, local talent, and the warm smiling faces of the residence.
Check back in this weekend for pictures.
Tyrone Mitchell Henderson