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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Camillo to Cleante in Connecticut

Well, I'll be headed back to Connecticut.  This time I'll be at the Westport County Playhouse.  David Kennedy, Associate Artistic Director, has hired me to play Cleante in his production of Tartuffe.  David and I originally met in Dallas while working on Angels in America.

I thought Camillo was tough, but now taking a look at Cleante, I'm so excite-a-nervous.  What a great role.  As I get older, this new array of characters has opened up to me.  As a character actor with leading male looks (so I've been told) I've been peged for such a long time as the best friend/comic relief.  Gutenberg the Musical/Belize/Tim Timko/39 steps Clown.  Now roles like Harmon Wilkes, Avery, Camillo and Cleante are coming my way.

These men of "Reason" "Thinkers" "Honorable"  There is a depth to these men that is so exciting to excavate. I'm really looking forward to living at home, rehearsing in NY and digging deep into Moliere.