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Sunday, February 11, 2007

My Number 1 Fan

Well I knew there would be a life change this year, but I didn't know that it would start with the loss of my Number One Fan, my Dad.

On January 26th 2007, my father passed away. He was so proud of the work that I've been doing. Whenever and wherever I was working on a show he would travel from Geneva NY with my Mom to see me. This trip would always include a dinner at a restaurant, and a conversation between my dad and the waiter about my career. He would ask them if they recognized me. If not... he would have to tell them where I was performing, and what my last project was.

This past summer while I was home in Geneva doing a performance at the Smith Opera House, I spoke about how I had performed with my Mother and Sister on it's stage, but never had the opportunity to appear with my Father, so as there was "no time like the present," I invited my Dad onto the stage with me. I asked him to share a story with the audience. I knew that he would pull through, and he did.

He brought the house down with a story of me being the "first black Peter Pan," in Geneva. He also told a story of he and my mom coming to NY to see me as a supernumerary in an Opera at Lincoln Center. He expressed how in awe he was of the theatre.

Throughout the past few weeks, I heard from many people how proud my Dad was of me. It makes me chuckle, as I know my Dad might not have gotten all the details of the TV appearance, Movie, or Play correct, but he was always right about where we ate and what he had for dinner.

He would alway say, "You could eat in a different restaurant in NYC everyday and never eat in the same one twice."

The only thing he ever wanted for his Birthday or Christmas was 1 million free.

I wish I had the opportunity to spend that million with him in every restaurant in NY.

I'll miss him terribly. James L. Henderson. My Dad. My Number One Fan.