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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gutenberg Opens

We got Gutenberg the Musical open. It is a riot and lots of fun. It's also a fast train that could run off of the rails. But we're doing our best to keep it on track.

Ithaca Journal review is available here.

I'm off to do Lunchtime Theatre, which is the Kitchen Theatre's bag lunch mini presentation of the show currently in production.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Criminal Intent June 28th?

It's good practice to continue to publish air dates. That's what I have to tell myself as I write this post.

Word on the street is that Law and Order Criminal Intent episode, "Salome in Manhattan," will be airing on Sunday June 28th.

This is on the USA Network. The series featuring Jeff Goldblum has kicked off it's season and I will be featured in the above mentioned episode as a Governor of a Caribbean Island.

Set your Tivo and DVR.

Music Man Comes Home

So opening this week is Gutenberg the Musical at The Kitchen Theatre. This is my third trip to the Kitchen anc my first musical in over 20 years. Yeeee Haaaa

Here is the article that was in my home town paper, The Finger Lakes Times.

Thanks Ashley Sindoni for doing such a good job.