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Friday, April 19, 2013

2nd Trip...

Curiosity sent me to see The Trip to Bountiful on Broadway.  On Sunday morning CBS, it was reported that the Broadway production was the first production featuring African Americans.  Ahh well. 

I enjoyed the show and how can you possible not love Cicely Tyson.  What I noted was that her performance was more fragile than Lizan Mitchell's, which added a feisty attitude.  What seemed to water down the Broadway production was the addition of text, songs and dances.  (hmmm)  The tension dissipates as Vanessa Williams, and Cicely Tyson sing extended versions of songs and dance.  Instead of cramped discomfort, comedy was used. (Ms. Tyson rocking in rocking chair at a fast pace)  The moment she throws down her coat and grabs the lapel of Roy (Arthur French) is more what I wanted to see.  I also felt as though the added text and cut text seemed to over simplify the storyline.  Little was left to the imagination of the audience. was a preview and lines may have been dropped, but the added text simply seemed unnecessary.  Horton Foote!  Amazing writer. Creative team, "If it ain't broken, don't fix it."