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Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Treatment

The Indie Feature The Treatment is making the rounds.

I really enjoyed working on this movie. I play Gerry a fellow teacher with the lead character Jake Singer, played by Chris Eigman. One day while we were riding in the elevator we got to talking about where we were from and when he told me he went to Putney, I asked him if he knew my prom date and he told me that he dated her for two years. Hmmph....That was post prom!

My second weird connection that I made happened after I went to the Strand Bookstore and found a copy of the book that the movie was based on. Inside, I found a letter from someone who purchased the book and gave it as a gift. I contacted the buyer and sent him back his letter and let him know that I bought the book for research and found his letter. He laughed and said he hopes his friend enjoyed the book. He also wondered if the movie would be as good as the book was.

Check it out. I think it's better. My character wasn't in the book.